About Us

Local Island Concierge began as an idea between two local cousins, Gail Richardson Gee and Rebecca Richardson. Rebecca, while collaborating with visitors to find cottage rentals for their vacation stay, discovered that many first-time visitors (and even those returning) have difficulty taking full advantage of this beautiful area. Unfortunately, resources for guests wanting to plan a trip are not easily accessible nor consolidated in any one source. As a result, an out-of-towner may struggle to know which of the activities are really worthwhile––or even exist––as they plan a week's vacation.

Which is where Gail comes in. Having grown up on the island, Gail has spent much of her life here and has had the unique experience of going from childhood to parenthood—passing along on a similar childhood to her own two daughters.

An active member of the Island community, Gail has become proficient in the outdoor activities available here. She and her family have extensively explored the hiking trails and carriage roads, and additionally spend their free time kayaking both ocean and lakes and biking Acadia National Park.

Gail possesses a family lineage that is directly invested in the history of the island––they are the descendants of the second family to settle on Mount Desert Island during the 1700s. Gail's father has written a book on the creation of Acadia National Park, and Gail grew up hearing the stories of the Rockefellers, Fords, O'Briens, and other families who helped shape the Park and the culture of Mount Desert Island.

Gail's personal history and experiences on the Island give her a "local's" perspective invaluable to visitors. She knows the best picnic spots, the most worthwhile excursions (such as the Lighthouse Tours), the best gardens (including the private ones not advertised anywhere), and the best places to take your pet. Her intensive research for the Activities Guide Booklet will help make the most of your trip to our area.

Gail Richardson Gee